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In Banne since 2017, we operate a small walnut grove (in organic conversion) from which we transform the nuts into a golden and fragrant virgin oil. It will sublimate your dishes, cold or hot with just a few drops! Pressed at the Moulin de la Veyssière in Neuvic-sur-l'Isle in the greatest tradition by the 5th generation of owners, we then package it in bottles worthy of this precious elixir ...

We also have a few beehives, inhabited by a few hundred thousand bees who also produce an amber treasure ... the famous Périgord honey, rich in everything that the surrounding nature gives: fruit trees, wild flowers, lime trees, acacias and chestnut trees ... an explosion of flavors in this sweet and fragrant nectar!
If you wish, we will be happy to show you around the property and explain how we work (and our bees too!). A small sales area will allow you to taste our products and bring back some memories of your stay in Périgord!

Huile de noix de Dordogne INYAQAB Cause de Clérans
Miel du Périgord INYAQAB Cause de Clérans Dordogne