Organic nuts

They are produced in organic farming on a small area of nearly 1.5 ha in the heart of the property. A new plot of 200 trees was planted in 2019 and will start producing in 2026.

Harvested in October, by hand, they are then dried in the wind and in the autumn sun on old prune racks. Before making walnut oil, you have to use a little elbow grease!!!

They are sorted and graded, and from November the oil nuts can be enozed, that is to say broken and sorted to extract the kernel. These kernels will be used to make walnut oil . It takes 5 kg of whole walnuts to obtain 2 kg of kernels which will give 1 liter of oil. We understand better why walnut oil is more expensive than olive oil!

It is at the Moulin de la Veyssière in Neuvic-sur-l'Isle that we press our kernels.Le Moulin has been in the Elias family since 1857, which means they know their business when it comes to walnut oil! Le Moulin is also a member of the prestigious Culinary College of France, an undeniable guarantee of quality for our oil.

There are three steps in making walnut oil:

  • the grinding of the kernels: the old stone millstone transforms the kernels into walnut paste,
  • cooking: at 80°C in a cast iron pan, it takes 45 minutes to start seeing small bubbles forming and the oil appearing...
  • extraction: the cooked walnut paste is enclosed in a scourtin and pressed under a 40 ton hydraulic press, and the miracle happens, the gold finally flows!

At the end of the pressing, the solid residue called "cake" is also valued: broken, crushed, then finely sieved, it becomes walnut flour . Used mixed with white flour, it adds an original and gourmet touch to your preparations of cakes or pancakes, savory or sweet.Séverine uses it for breadcrumbs and with mixed kernels, makes nuggets for her children... but... shhh... it's a secret...

But we have to wait a little longer... it's the school of patience, walnut oil! You have to let it settle for another 2 to 3 weeks before you can put it in a bottle, like that, without adding or removing anything, natural, that's how it is the most beautiful!

The largest nuts are sold whole, in bags or in bulk. The fine sizes are enamelled and sold in extra-vacuum kernels . The smaller ones are transformed by Séverine into caramelized kernels .